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We are honored to work with inspiring organizations effecting real change in their communities. We focus on providing concrete, right-sized, and realistic  solutions that lead to lasting outcomes.

Process Improvement & Organizational Learning

Process Improvement & Organizational Learning

Mile High WorkShop, Denver, CO

Services Provided: 

Process Optimization, Standardization & Documentation

Our Goal: Create a standardized guide to outline the organization’s approach, programs and operations for internal and external use; Identify unique aspects of culture and operations which drive success.


Our Approach: We conducted an organizational assessment which revealed root causes of key issues. To address these, we:

  • Discovery: Reviewed existing materials, directly observed operations and interviewed key stakeholders

  • Standardization: Facilitated conversations to clarify and document organizational policies and standards, as necessary

  • Product Development: Wrote & edited content, designed and formatted operational guide; Consolidated all organizational policies, processes, standards, best practices and contextual information into a single, easily editable and user-friendly format

The Result: With an accessible and comprehensive guide to their work, Mile High WorkShop can better manage internal performance, onboard new staff, and share their vision with external stakeholders and partners.


They also enhanced organizational culture and operational effectiveness by clarifying important policies, procedures and norms.

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