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Invest in Better

Improve organizational effectiveness

Signs to look for...

  • You are frustrated with a lack interdepartmental collaboration & communication

  • Staff express feeling unheard

  • You want a stakeholder-informed picture of how the organization is doing

  • You are looking to identify root causes to key challenges

Standardize, optimize, and document processes

Signs to look for...

  • New staff spend too much time figuring out how their predecessor did their job

  • Team members go about the same thing in different ways

  • Services are being delivered inconsistently

  • "How do we do this again?" is a common phrase you hear

Project manage strategic initiatives

Signs to look for...

  • Plans are often made but never fully implemented

  • Projects lack structure, accountability, and clarity of roles and responsibilities

  • You're looking for an objective third party to effectively facilitate a cross-functional project team

Evaluate impact

Signs to look for...

  • You are sick of sleepless nights spent scrambling to complete routine grant reports

  • You have many great stories about your impact, but lack hard data to support them 

  • Decisions tend to be based on assumptions rather than informed by data

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