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About Us

Our Story

We first met in 2014, at a Los Angeles-based non-profit and social enterprise, Chrysalis. Together, we managed volunteers and developed programs to support individuals with high barriers in preparing for, finding, and keeping jobs.


As we continued on to other leadership positions in various non-profits, we both grew increasingly aware of a chronic underinvestment across the sector in how the work was done. We felt frustrated knowing organizations could be much more impactful if they prioritized improving their internal processes, systems, and operations - and time and time again, seeing this aspect of the work go unaddressed.

We're not sure who said it first or how it happened, but Good Bones Consulting is where that frustration led us. We help organizations build "good bones" by helping them improve how they get important things done.

Our cumulative experience spans nearly every realm and function of the social impact sector. As leaders in operations, program management, strategy and more, we've worked to alleviate poverty, end homelessness, build fairer, more inclusive societies and protect the environment on three continents. 

As consultants, we're here to keep things real and have the hard conversations, to ensure that your organization can thrive, grow, and do its best work. We believe in building solutions that are right-sized and customized to your needs, which is why stakeholder-involvement is non-negotiable for us. When we partner with you, we partner with your community, team, and mission. 

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Our Clients & Partners Include...

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